Faery Whisperer
2023 Claire bluebells

Hello!  Are you searching for some enchantment?  You've knocked on the right faerie cottage door!  Pull up a chair friend... I'm Claire Casely, a Fairy Whisperer, artist, researcher and podcaster.

My passion is to engaging you with the enchantment, wonder and sensuality of nature and the secret realms of faerie.  Discover more about my story of how I came to work with faeries.

Through my work, I can help you to regain your sense of childhood wonder, hope and wellbeing.

Listen to my inspiring guests on the Fairy Whispering Podcast sharing the ways they have connected to the Otherworld and who they encountered whilst there.

Commission intuitive fairy art, psychic & historical fairy sightings research,   Discover more about how to work with me.

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You can support my creativity in many ways, from an intuitive art reading, to joining my Faery Whisperer Patreon Community, or Buy Me a Coffee.

Take my hand and wander with me a while in the faerie realm, my wish is that you will find peace for heart and mind.  Remember to keep your heart open on this big, beautiful journey we call life and to be the change.   Love from Claire and the Faeries xxx

Explore some ways I can help you to shine!

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